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The vision of The Avenue Community Church is to become:

a praying community.
We believe in the power and effectiveness of prayer.  As such we will provide a location(s) where prayer and praise is offered without ceasing (24/7/365).
2 CHRON 7:14-16, PS 34:15-18; 66:13-20, ISA 55:6, JER 29:12-13, MT 6:9-13,
EPH 6:18-20, PHIL 4:6-7, 1 THESS. 5:17-18

an intimate community.
We believe personal relationships are not just important, they are necessary for spiritual health.  Because of this, as we grow we will not compromise in our desire to see every believer intimately connected to the body.  We will accomplish this by providing small groups meeting at various times and locations, offering creative worship and service options, and by taking full advantage of technology as a means of staying connected.
JN 17:20-21, ACTS 2:42-47, ROM 12:4-5, 1 COR. 12, EPH 2:19-22, 4:3-6, 1 JN 4:11-12

a diverse community.
We believe that when God looks at his creation he sees not tribes or tongues, but hearts.  Our purpose reflects this belief, acknowledging that all people are either lost or found.  As we faithfully and indiscriminately carry out our purpose in the community, the result will be a multicultural, economically diverse body of Christ worshiping, growing and serving together. 
MT 22:1-14, JN 17:11, GAL 3:26-28, EPH 4:3-6, PHIL 2:9-11, REV 7:9

a multi-campus community.
We believe the best way to combat the resource problem facing parts of northern Kenton County is through the cooperative use of money, materials and manpower by multiple campuses strategically located in urban, suburban and intermediate parts of the community.  Instead of seeing a lack of resources as a barrier to growth in more urban areas, we will use them as an opportunity for materially blessed believers to demonstrate generosity. 
ACTS 4:32-35, ROM 15:26-27, 2 COR 8 & 9, PHIL 4:10-19, 1 TIM 6:17-19, 1 JN 3:17

a children and youth invested community.
We believe that investing in the children and youth of today will repay exponential dividends in the future.  In order to maximize the potential of the young people of Northern Kenton County, we will invest in a multi-purpose community center that will provide spiritual direction, educational help, recreation, life skills training, and other needs as they are identified. 
DEUT 6:4-7, PROV 6:20-24; 22:6, ECCL 12:1, MT 19:13-15, EPH 6:4, 2 TIM 2:22

a helping community.
We believe it is the church's responsibility to care for the needy.  We recognize this responsibility has been handed over to the government and secular agencies.  Our intention is to once again accept this responsibility in northern Kenton County by becoming partners in social service, unconditionally meeting physical and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus Christ.
MT 25:31-46, LK 4:16-21; 10:25-37, ROM 12:20-21; 15:1-2, GAL 6:9-10, JAS 2:15-17; 4:17, 1 PET 4:9-10, 1 JN 3:17-18

an equipping community.
We believe passion for service should be focused through quality, biblically based training.  Trained believers will be better equipped to respond to the unique ways sin impacts our lives in areas such as health, finances, marriage and parenting.  It is our responsibility to be respectful of the depth of such issues while lovingly pointing the way to the hope of Jesus Christ.
DAN 1:17-20, MT 7:24-27, JN 15:1-8, 2 COR 10:3-5, COL 2:8; 3:16, 1 TIM 4:7-8,
2 TIM 3:16-17, HEB 4:12

a partnering community.
We believe in the power of working together.  Our partnerships should advance the Kingdom and honor God, hence they cannot be entered into without prayerful consideration.  When approached correctly however, we know that cooperation can accomplish far more than we could do on our own.   We believe partnerships with government, businesses, agencies and other churches are not only possible, but God's design for advancing His Kingdom.

NEH 3, PS 133:1, ROM 13:1, 2 COR 6:14; 8 & 9, COL 4:5-6, 1 TIM 6:17-19, 1 PET 2:13-17

a tent-making community.
We believe it is the responsibility of our congregation to give financially to support the ministry of the church.  While this is our conviction, we also understand that working with under-resourced and young people can create a financial shortfall that can stifle ministry even with faithful giving.  To remedy this we will tent-make as a community and use non-profit business enterprises to gain resources to achieve ministry objectives.  These businesses will also achieve ministry objectives themselves, providing much needed opportunities for transformed persons to re-enter the work force. 
DEUT 14:22-23, MAL 3:7-10, ACTS 4:32-35; 20:34-35, 2 THES 3:7-9, TITUS 3:14

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